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veteran’s day at the zoo

the kids were off school on wednesday for veteran’s day, so we joined up with a few pals and had a zoo day adventure. isaac was super psyched to hang with his buddy josiah. anna wasn’t super excited about going … Continue reading

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busy october. apparently.

excluding pics of our trip to NY, two field trips, anna’s class halloween party and actual halloween, i still managed to find 45 pictures of october happenings. and i totally could have had more. it was a fun month, i … Continue reading

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tricks or treats. 2015.

yesterday was halloween. obviously. and it was a saturday. so we had all day to get worked up about it. all along, the plan was for isaac to be harry potter. hazel would be olaf. and anna wanted to be … Continue reading

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presentations and field trips. (ike).

isaac has had a busy year so far. there are a lot of activities in his little nerd program. last week, he had a “book brag” and a field trip. here are their stories. firstly, the book brag. each month, … Continue reading

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autumn in batavia. part 2.

when we returned from “the most sincere pumpkin patch” — we wandered over to the beach, where the lake folk were having a clam bake.  the kiddos played in the sand, while we ate some sea creatures. later, there was … Continue reading

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the most sincere pumpkin patch.

it’s no secret that i miss western new york autumns. so, when i learned that my reunion was scheduled for the fall, i was so excited to partake in some our typical fall activities up there. it was tough to … Continue reading

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a fall visit to the homeland. part 1.

i graduated high school in 1994. so, last year, we attempted a 20 year reunion. it fell through. and was rescheduled for this year. a 21st reunion. scheduled for last weekend. so, we loaded up the lid kids and back … Continue reading

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man. i really really am doing a terrible job at blogging. not that i think anyone is actually reading this. so, mostly i’m talking to future me and the kids. i had every intention of getting a september blog up … Continue reading

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that time we camped about 4 months ago.

ok. it wasn’t that long ago. but it was awhile. like august. and the school year has been crazy. so i haven’t posted in a millionty years. and i barely remember this camping trip. so, here are some pictures. campfire. … Continue reading

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a boring august recap.

the second half of summer flew past in a flash. i hit up some consignment sales for clothes for the annababy, who can still squeeze into 4t clothes, but they are quite short.  i took her with me, and wound up … Continue reading

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