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halloween twentyfourteen.

our first halloween with three kiddos. well, three kiddos in the outside world. last year, i got to drag my fat, pregnant butt around the neighborhood. this year, i was just fat. ha. anyhooooo… we had dinner at five. got … Continue reading

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october happenings.

another very random post of very unexciting happenings… chick fil a visit. this goon. we are in the “get into boxes and baskets” stage. isaac had his school fundraiser. the boosterthon fun run. some halloween themed sugary cereals. throwback to … Continue reading

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fall is in full swing and leaves are filling up our backyard. so, obviously, we made a pile for the kids to jump in. and by we, i mean derek. contemplating their strategy. as always, anna preferred to just sit … Continue reading

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isaac and derek’s very first ever cub scout camping trip.

i wasn’t there. so i don’t know much. but here are the pics that derek took and shared. the excited camper. bidding farewell. (i was there for this). setting up. in the rain. tent-mates. i’m told isaac spent most of … Continue reading

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dixie classic fair. twenty fourteen.

while my parents were visiting, we also decided to check out the dixie classic fair. yesterday was a beautiful day, so i kept isaac out of school, and off we went. we bought the unlimited ride bracelet for the older … Continue reading

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patterson farms. twenty fourteen.

my parents came to town on friday morning. we gave them a day to settle in, then forced my mom to go to the pumpkin patch with us. every year, we hit up the same place. it’s awesome. our first … Continue reading

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it’s been a crazy couple of weeks around here. two weeks ago, today, i went to crossfit for the first time. i was hoping to get my butt back in gear and stop being fat. the workout was mostly pullups … Continue reading

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30 days has september. but this post is about the first 24.

35 pictures from the last 24 days… i’ll start off with a visit to anna’s classroom for “muffins with moms”. she is such a perfect little student. she loves school. muffins with mom selfie. just hazel, hamming it up. football … Continue reading

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our first attempt at (circus) camping…

ok. so, we had the bright idea to attempt to camp with the three little people. one of whom, i may have mentioned, is the WORST sleeper. sounds fun, right? derek did all of the legwork. he purchased and sorted … Continue reading

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two first days of school.

when we got back to the beach, we had one day to relax and then anna was off to school. preschool, that is. she’s going to calvary and has mrs. lyon, the same teacher isaac had. she was sooooo excited. … Continue reading

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