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the annual coloring of the eggs.

we colored our eggs exceptionally early this year, since i figured they would enjoy eating the rainbow-y eggs leading up to easter instead of me making them all into deviled eggs on easter morning. so, last weekend, we assembled the … Continue reading

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beekeeper training day.

for the last couple of weeks, we have been learning about bees for science. we’ve read books, watched videos, watched the bee movie, wrote a bee book, made a bee craft and finished off the study with a trip to … Continue reading

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the “it’s finally spring” edition of my bi-weekly catch up posts.

we’ve been keeping pretty busy around here. my little artist anna keeps making fun pictures. this is a blue alligator in the making. since we are down to seven chickens, i decided they could live inside the coop for awhile … Continue reading

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kristin boone is awesome.

But you already knew that.  :) Anyhow, she came over to take some pictures last friday and they are totally awesome. Here are some (a bunch) of my favorites… If you click on any of them, you’ll be whisked away … Continue reading

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what have i done?

when i uploaded the pictures to this post, i was going to write all about homeschooling and how great it’s been going. but, then, we had a really horrible morning. really horrible. and i wrote an email to a friend. … Continue reading

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super fast update.

i’m going to race to caption these photos and then get to bed. homeschooling… another post with details to come soon. soonish. hazel’s starting to get grabby. we made cookies. and ate a LOT of cookie dough. perfect cookies. thanks … Continue reading

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since february…

it’s been a whirlwind these last couple of weeks. other than telling you that i’m homeschooling and that hazel turned three months and that i made a quilts, i haven’t updated much. so without further ado… here are the happenings … Continue reading

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homeschool. week one.

our first week of home school is in the books… last friday, we headed up to the school to have lunch with isaac’s class and bring a treat for his final farewell. it was picture day, so i hoped for … Continue reading

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the last two weeks and five days…

warning. i think there’s 33 total pictures to document. starting off with this knucklehead. valentine addressing. (side note: based on the loot isaac brought home, he was the only kid that didn’t give out a pile of candy. just tattoos.) … Continue reading

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denim jumpers and turtlenecks.

yep. it’s been awhile since my last post. and over the last few weeks, we’ve arrived at a huge decision. we are taking isaac out of school to homeschool. in two days. friday will be his last day. and we … Continue reading

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