first baseball game

we took isaac to his first baseball game last night, along with some other youth group leaders and students. well, student.

we had high hopes that we could make it the length of the game for the fireworks. we also had realistic expectations that it might be a complete disaster. it was somewhere in between. isaac did really well, but we only made it to about the 6th inning….

eating fries with dad.

riding the carousel:


chillin’ with dad:

cute hat:

there were brief moments of a frustrated boy that just wanted to escape and run:

me and the boy…

dad and the boy…

we tried to leave with enough time to get back to the lewisville fireworks. we got back about halfway through them, so derek let me and isaac out to catch the end. when they were over, he picked us up, but we had to go against the giant mass of thousands of people that we flowing from shallowford square. it took us a RIDICULOUS amount of time to travel the less than 1 mile trip home. and… isaac didn’t really seem to care about the fireworks. eh. maybe next year…

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