S.C.A.N. quilt… done.

our modern quilt guild has been working on blocks and/or quilts to be donated to a local charity, SCAN (stop child abuse now). the quilts will go directly to kids who have been victims of child abuse (or so i understand).

anyhow, i had a lot of blocks lying around from when i made isaac’s zig zag quilt last year, that i wasn’t sure what to do with. i had prewashed the fabric, before i learned that you don’t have to prewash quilt fabric, so i was hesitant to mix them into a new quilt. when i heard about scan, i thought i would see if i had enough to make a baby sized zig zag quilt. i didn’t. so, i organized them into this twistery type layout.

yesterday, our guild had a “sit and sew” at a local quilt shop (sewingly yours). i brought the quilt top, in the hopes that someone would help me quilt it on the long arm machine. (i took the certification class, but i am terrified to go it alone). then, i chickened out. i ran home and got my machine (minus the power cord that i left in the driveway) and raced back to the store (where i was able to borrow a power cord).

thanks to the AMAZING help of a fellow guild member, fabulous quilter, and my intro to free motion quilting instructor, kelly wood, i was able to get this thing quilted on my her machine. she got me started. helped troubleshoot. and finished up the final corner when i was having some technical difficulties. i’m so thankful.

then. today. i set out to bind this up. i had some glittery star fabric leftover from ike’s quilt (it never even made it in, but it was already cut in strips. perfect.)… i decided to give machine binding another try. and it was disastrous. i will probably never ever ever try again. i don’t really like the way it looks, even when done well, and i’m a long way from doing it well. i bet i spent the same amount of time fixing my mistakes as i would have just hand binding it in the first place. frustrating. oh. and i was short on binding. i’m terrible at math apparently. luckily i had just barely enough leftover binding from max’s quilt to save the day.

anyhow, i just pulled it from the dryer. snapped all of these pictures. and it’s done.

oh. and here’s the back. 🙂

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  1. *****IT LOOKS AWESOME******
    Seriously, you did a great job! The next one will be easier. I hope your power cord was okay….
    I am neurotic about things like that.

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