slow saturday random post

a slow saturday morning = blog update opportunities…

not much going on around here. nice weather rolling in, so lots of outside time.

example. we hit up the cobblestone farmers market. which is decidedly less cobblestone-y this year and a little more concrete-y, since they moved it away from krankie’s. oh well. we got some lettuce. and a brownie.

afterwards, we hit up skippy’s for some hotdogs on pretzel rolls. anna and alden make do with each other’s company in the absence of their elder siblings.

i had a doc appointment one day, so jude took annababy (and ike) to her place for the afternoon and snapped a couple of cute pictures of the usually extremely unfriendly girl of mine.


may 17th was our 10th wedding anniversary. i was slack and didn’t post a dedicated blog post, but i did take a pic and post it to instagram and facebook. 🙂

one day was super nice and anna and i decided to walk to get isaac from school. we passed this tribute that has actually been up since right after sandy hook, but i never remember to take a picture. still so sad. 🙁

walking home. i had hoped isaac would walk on his own two legs, but i wound up lugging home 100 pounds of kid and wagon.

my blog posts would not be complete without a chicken picture… anna:


we spend a lot of time in the driveway. riding bikes. playing with chalk. being cute.

went to the doc this week (another appointment) and had an ultrasound. here’s baby three. 12 weeks.

afterschool treat from christina’s dessertery. so good.

anna is a trike champ. she motors all over the driveway on that thing. cute.

she likes to load up the sidewalk chalk in her trunk and make various stops around the driveway to do some decorating.

mario’s pizza that isaac could quite possibly have wrapped around his head.

trike riding break for popsicles.

anna took a spin on the hot wheels harley, while being carefully supervised by the bossiest person alive.

and that’s all…

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