30 weeks.

tomorrow, i will be 30 weeks of pregnant. 10 left. to derek, that’s 10 weekends left to get things together and ready, because it gets a little crazytown after that. plus we have the added bonus of trying to get christmas shopping, wrapping and decorating done, mostly for the two previously existing kiddos.

anyhow, i’m mostly feeling quite fat. and very very tired. i just stopped keeping any extra kiddos yesterday, so that’s a relief. it’s hard to keep up with four little people when all you want to do is lie down.

oh, and once again, i failed my one hour glucose screen. by just a few measly points. i also failed with anna, but passed the big (miserable) three hour test. so, tomorrow, i settle in to the doctor’s office for three hours, four blood draws, a sugary “fruit punch flavored” bottle of, well, sugar. and, if you’re not in the know, i have to fast before this one. so, by the end of the three hours, i’ll be all shaky and nervous and sweaty and anxious and it’s super enjoyable. if it weren’t pumpkin spice season (followed by eggnog, gingerbread and peppermint mocha season), i would almost rather just assume i have gestational diabetes than go through the test again.

anyhow, that’s an update on the pregnancy. no name for the baby yet. she’s an active little blob. more than i remember the other two being. but, admittedly, i might not be remembering very clearly.

and that’s all i have to say about that.

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  1. Hang in there Sarah! Can’t wait to meet the new one!

  2. Aww, third trimester joys. Get some rest and hope you survived/passed the glucose test and had a giant pumpkin spice latte!

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