the finish line. or not quite.

today is my due date for this third (and last) baby.
and it’s not looking very promising that she will be here any time soon.

isaac was a few days early.
anna was a few days late.
but they were both induced.
i was hoping this girl would be at least on time, if not early.
but, no.
she’s starting out her life by being uncooperative.
i’m still hoping that she will come on her own and i can avoid the dreaded pitocin.

i was a little stressed, because i had high blood pressure over the weekend. but, on monday, the doc confirmed it was just “mechanical”. that the girl was resting on some arteries and causing my body to have to crank it up a little to get the blood all the way through. i have no other bad symptoms like i had with the other kiddos. proteins. swelling. etcetera. so, we wait.

i’m actually mostly feeling ok.
i’m pretty tired. and a little uncomfortable. and mostly just ready. i feel like we are on hold. and it’s a really strange feeling to look forward to a particular day for so long, only to have it come and go, with no baby being birthed. i know it is soon. but, there’s something psychological about the day passing. whatever.

i’m glad to be healthy. and i’m trying to enjoy the last few moments with my first two kiddos. and get some last minute things done. and relax. and sleep.

so, that’s the story over here.
i’m off to eat some spicy food and do some jumping jacks…

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  1. She just wants to be fashionably late, but at least you have the blog all ready 🙂 squishing your arteries? Ouch! Here’s hoping the lucky day comes soon!

  2. My first (and only was due July 22. Born on August 8. They come when they are ready, or when the doc overrules them!

    Hoping its soon!!!

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