fall is in full swing and leaves are filling up our backyard.
so, obviously, we made a pile for the kids to jump in.
and by we, i mean derek.

contemplating their strategy.

as always, anna preferred to just sit in the leaves with her stuffed animals and bury herself and play pretend.

isaac stomped around and disrupted the state of things, and jumped off the swing.

and anna continued to play delightfully.

then there was swinging. and we threw lucy’s toys deep into the pile and then laughed hysterically as she flopped around sniffing them out. this was before she went on a murderous chicken killing spree. when we still liked her.

some high swing action. (anna has learned to swing on her own in the last week. she’s very proud of this new skill.)

and ike. trying to go as high as he could.


the obvious next course of action was to dismount from the swing at it’s highest point and learn that leaf piles are way less cushiony than one might be lead to believe.

but it made for some good pics.

and he doesn’t mind plummeting to the hard ground.

leaf throwing by anna.

and. of course derek had to blow the leaves from behind her. what good is a leaf blower if you can’t annoy your kids with it?

that’s all. super fun leafy day with the older kiddos. (hazel napped through this entire adventure).
and i’m sure there will be more next weekend.
stay tuned.

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  1. Great pics!

    We are drowning in leaves. Drowning. And Brandon whines about the leaf blower because it’s a wimpy electric hand held (his arms get ZOMG tired), so most of the time we rake, and it sucks as most of our yard is trees. Makes me hate trees. The kids love it though.

    Your version looks so much more fun – and who cares if leaves aren’t soft cushions? 🙂

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