fort union national monument.

originally, we had planned to stay in a state park this week. we arrived, only to discover it was nestled in a narrow canyon. it was really beautiful, but internet was scarce. and by scarce, i mean non-existent. which doesn’t work for us, because derek has to work to support this lifestyle. so, we had to move again the next day, to springer, nm. which is in the middle of nowhere. so, i have been scouring for things to do, and when i saw that fort union national monument was about an hour away, i whisked us away for another historical/educational adventure.

we started off with some junior ranger workbooks on the floor of the visitor center.

when they completed all the could without hitting the trail, we hit the trail. it’s a 1.4 mile stroll around the grounds. unlike at pecos, we had a map this time, so i was able to navigate and identify things a bit better. like the officers quarters.

the boy was a good sport. he’s not always into doing the junior ranger stuff and when we were unloading from the car, he told me he wasn’t going to do it, but he changed his mind and ended up doing the entire book (instead of the bare minimum).

sundial reading. it was an hour off. because daylight savings.

i don’t remember. cool fort ruins.

landscape fort ruins.

frolicking hazel amongst the ruins.

the red/orange of the adobe structures is always striking against the blue sky.


the kids thought this was cool. it was a list of the weekly (i think?) shipment of food supplies. so much bacon. i also thought all bacon was breakfast bacon. but apparently i’ve been doing it wrong.

more strolling and learning, i hope.

official lidkid/fort union picture.

random leftover walls and stuff.

the mechanics corral. where they fixed stuff.

another official picture from our visit.

elevation marker. 6,835.493 feet about sea level measured 150 years ago. the actual elevation (according to wikipedia) is 6760 feet. not too bad, considering…

the kids favorite spot was the jailhouse. ten tiny cells. for all the “criminals” – drunks, deserters, etc.

lastly, we rolled up to the hospital. isaac was disappointed that we couldn’t go inside, because the walls were not stable i guess.

she said “take my picture with the snowy mountains behind me.” so, i did. (you’ll have to zoom in to see the snowy mountain tops peeking over the closer mountain range, behind the fort).

the kiddos finished up their books and collected another junior ranger badge. the book was too hard for hazel, but she was glad to take the pledge and get a sticker for her hard work of being dragged around what surely looks exactly like all the other ruins we’ve been to lately.

and that’s a wrap on fort union.
the end.

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  1. Colleen C. Yarnell says:

    Im really enjoying your pictures and journey! I love al the Junior badges! Are they really badges and how are they displaying them?

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