old idaho penitentiary

since monday was labor day, derek was off, so we decided to go on a field trip. after a bit of research, we settled on the old idaho penitentiary. it operated from 1872 until 1973 and is chock full of exciting stories and history. 😉

we really had no idea what to expect, but i was pretty sure the kids would hate it. but, i was way wrong. they all loved it. even hazel. here she is, testing out a giant jail gate key.

some of the buildings are in ruins, like the dining hall.

on our way into one of the cell blocks, we saw this sign, which amused isaac. and me, because of the poor spelling.

testing out one of the cells.

official cell block photo op.

the kids loved checking out the things inside of each cell. they were particularly interested in the toilets.

out in the prison yard. heading to the death row and execution cell block. blerg.

a delightful display of handmade prison weaponry.

the courtyard for the maximum security folk. so quaint.

so. the executions at the time were done via hangings. there were 10 total, but only one in this modern hanging room before it was determined that hanging was a little more on the “cruel and unusual” end of the spectrum… kind of creepy.

we checked out the laundry room, which had some seriously large equipment for laundering purposes.

and the showers, which isaac could not believe were wide open for all to see.

off to “siberia”, which is the solitary confinement area. the cells were super tiny and dark and empty. we tested one out and practiced our grumpy convict faces.

random snapshot of a guard tower.

that was pretty much the end of our tour. then we spent some time taking pictures in the photobooth room.

our favorite was the part where we could dress up and get our mug shots taken. the girls needed some lessons looking angry or remorseful.

ike did an excellent job with his guilty mug shot face.

anna actually looks like a criminal.

worlds cutest hardened criminal.

and derek…

and me…

as we walked back through the prison yard, i realized there were no other people so i attempted to get a quick family shot, to commemorate our visit. but. hazel. so, this was the best i got.

so. if you’re ever in the boise area, this was a pretty cool little place to spend a few hours.
but maybe not 25 to life.

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  1. Colleen C. Yarnell says:

    LOL! Great pictures!

  2. Wow, sobering and silly all at the same time… plus Hazel

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