just july things…

i lied. as with june, there wasn’t a lot going on around here in july. i mean. we went on a hike. and my parents came. but mostly. it was more of the same. i suppose i should get used to it.

to kick things off, ill cover the less exciting bits of the not very exciting month…

and now. for the artwork and schoolwork part of this post….

and now. for the july sewing projects.

we also transformed the very nasty and smelly dining room almost into a homeschool room. derek ripped up the stained (ink?, pet!, other?) carpet and put in some cheap flooring until we figure out a bigger picture plan for the burnt orange kitchen and all of the flooring.

in another attempt to like ws/nc, i took the kids to a different farmers market, this time to meet a friend. except there was a mix up and she ended up at a different one. oh well. we wandered around a bit, got some veggies, and a bunch of peaches, and some delicious mini pies, so it was worth it.

we also continued our baking adventures, probably due to excessive viewing of the great british baking show. some keto baking. some not. some definitely putting our farmers market peaches to use.

and then. my parents arrived. it was pretty fast. and low key. some thrifting. showing off lidl. and then basically lounging.

lastly. the monthly ruby collage.

and then. july was done. and it’s actually august right this very second as i type this, and i’m sooooo caught up. mostly.

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