acadia. day three.
schoodic peninsula

on our third day in acadia, we packed up the lidkids and ruby dog and drove the hour-ish commute over to the schoodic peninsula. it’s a lesser known/visited part of the park and we have had it on our list since our last trip to acadia.

the drive around the peninsula is a one way loop, so we stopped often, wanting to ensure we didn’t miss anything cool. one such stop was birch harbor, where we decided to do a bit of exploring, scrambling, climbing, and the like.

while i was on top with the girls, derek and isaac and ruby waited below. we were planning to take turns, so someone could hang with ruby below. but ruby had other ideas…

she loves exploring and especially loves the rocky terrain of acadia…

after spending a good amount of time at birch harbor and a short amount of time at some other spots that aren’t making the blog cut, we arrived at the tip of the peninsula, where all the action takes place. we had a quick lunch, while taking in the views, then wandered around, a bit closer to the exciting crashing waves, but obviously not all that close, because safety and danger.

on our way back, we stopped at a possible tidepooling location, but we didn’t have a lot of luck. while anna and derek scoured the rocks for creatures, ruby and the rest of us took the opportunity to lie in the sun on soft grass, which is hard to come by in acadia.

back at camp that night, we sat around the fire for a bit, enjoying campfire cooked burgers and hot dogs, before calling it a night and preparing for day four….

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