acadia. day two.
bar harbor tide pools and seafood.

when we were planning out trip, the top attraction for anna was tide pooling. we carefully studied a tide chart and the weather forecast and determined that the best day for our excursion was our second day on the trip. (last time, we were caught in a crazy storm and it was not lovely).

the walk through bar harbor to get to the tide pools wasn’t too shabby this time of year. the leaves were not quite peak, but every now and then, we would spot one just ahead of the curve. heart.

at low tide, you can walk all the way out to that little island behind the lidfam. we haven’t done that, because we prefer tidepooling, but there’s many warnings about timing your visit with precision, because once the tide comes in, the “trail” back is covered and you’re stuck on the island until the next low tide. anyhow, like i said, we were there for the sea life, so we got to work flipping rocks and trying to catch scurrying crabs.

isaac and hazel aren’t really into creature touching (and isaac was trying to keep his brand new shoes dry), so they just mostly watched and wandered around while anna did her thing.

this kid. alway happy to oblige my portrait mode photo ops.

there were lots of little crab friends. and we even found the tiniest of starfishes. please disregard anna’s gross fingernails when you use her fingers for scale.

once we had our fill of sealife hunting, and we were wet and cold, we started back towards camp. obviously, we had to eat and obviously, that meant seafood. we stopped at some random spot, which ended up being totally strange inside, but had tasty lobters and clams. and chicken tenders and fries for lidkids (not shown).

and. even though we didn’t really exert ourselves, we were still exhausted from the days adventures. or at least ruby and i were. (she stayed in the crate in the rv while we were gone, so she really should have been well rested, but i’m sure it was stressful).

and thus concludes day two….

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bar harbor tide pools and seafood.”

  1. Glad Anna got to have her fill of the tide pools.

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