lockdown easter activities.

as we rolled towards easter, it was pretty apparent that it was going to be spent in quarantine. so, i did what any quarantine mom would do. i ordered $20 worth of sprinkles from michaels curbside pick up and made cookies to decorate. i found an egg shaped cookie cutter in my baking supplies that i stored while we were on the road. and anna and i for once in our lives made an appropriate amount of cookie dough for a group of four people to decorate. and we all got to work…

seriously. i bought way too many sprinkles. we MAYBE used one percent of them. but the different solid colors will come in useful in the future (and already have as i type this). and i’m set on easter sprinkles until the end of time. the kids focused on quality, not quantity, and we took our time decorating four cookies each. and isaac decorated a few gluten free brownies, since he has decided to try a gluten free diet for the time being.

our finished results were beautiful if i do say so myself. we kept the lidkid decorated cookies for ourselves, due to probably saliva contamination, but we delivered some of mine to the grandlidboms.

once our easter cookie craft extravaganza was complete, it was time to move on to dyeing eggs. i was originally concerned about getting my hands on enough eggs to do have a proper egg dyeing adventure, but i was able to get enough for each kid to do eight eggs. and of course, like i always do, i bought too many dye kits.

and. the results. they seemed to lean heavily on green this year. and as usual, isaac finished as quickly as possible. hazel went with a “more is more” mentality, creating some very unappetizing colors. and anna dabbling in multiple techniques, and put the tie-dye/marbling kit to good use. overall, a fun and successful egg dyeing adventure was had by all…

lastly. the egg hunt. in an effort to keep candy consumption sort of under control, the only candy the lidkids get from us comes via the egg hunt. this way, i can ration out the eggs over the next week or so instead of a complete sugar free for all immediately after easter baskets.

anyways. derek took a video of me hiding the eggs, so we wouldn’t miss any and it worked! there was a 100% egg retrieval rate.

and, if you’re wondering, we do still have a basket, but it usually has a lego set or art supplies (depending on which kid you happen to be), a book, and sometimes a necessity. like new, clean, underpants. and by “basket”, i mean reused gift bags from hazel’s birthday party. we are earth friendly around here.

hopefully next easter will involve us seeing other family members or even at least leaving the house or not trying to get enough eggs from various grocery store pickups and then feeling like a terrible person for using so many eggs for a kid activity. (we did eventually eat them, so there’s that).

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  1. You have a great way of making lemonade from lemons! Loved the cookies!

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