grayson highlands, sans wild ponies.

hiking friends are the best friends. especially the ones who invite you on a random monday to drive two hours away to another state, to go hiking in the middle of winter. it was just what i needed in the middle of all the thanksgiving, baking, birthday, christmas, etc chaos. so what i’m saying is, get yourselves a heather p.

our destination was grayson highlands state park in virginia, famous for it’s roaming wild ponies. i have been there once, with anna two years ago, and we saw so many ponies, so i never expected that on this trip, we wouldn’t see a single furry friend. it was still fantastic and pretty. we had the trails entirely to ourselves, which meant we had to trade photo duties all the way up.

we may or may not have staged a few candids. 🙂

i mean. it was a really pretty day. cold. but pretty.

the previous pic and this next one were taken by a really nice man we met at the “peak”. (there’s lots of little peaks to traverse across the park).

the route we took back down was really cool. through little cave/tunnels and such. i never tire of that.

anyways. it was a lovely time of catching up with my pal. getting outside. getting a little workout. all the things. except ponies. here’s some people free scenery.

we had hoped to do another little hike further in the park, but the gate was closed, so we settled for a pretty steep trail near this one, and all in all ended up hiking about 4.5 miles. not too shabby.

then we hopped back in the car for the long drive back to ws/nc. and began to plan our next hiking trip…

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