a whole lot of november things.

in order to keep this post manageable, i had to write a lot of separate smaller posts about november happenings, but it’s still a big one. and even though as i write it, it’s only 12 days into december, all of these memories feel like they were months and months ago. so much stuff crammed into november and december these days…

ok. let’s begin. first up. hazelnut happenings. a lot going on for this kid. her class and the other ag class have been studying greek myths. then they were put in groups and had to write, produce, costume design, direct, and act out their own versions of various greek myths/stories. hazel’s group did the trojan horse and it was hilarious, unintelligible, cute, and a little chaotic. she was the narrator. she’s also been busy with chorus once a week and taekwondo twice a week. then, of course, there’s the standard round of sicknesses that have been circulating all fall. seems like there’s always one person with some sort of germ, but hazel seems to have been hit the most often and hardest.

somehow, despite crazy schedules for our respective families, i was able to get together with my new friend kate, who is the mom of hazel’s classmate and pal, cole. we took them geocaching at the park and they loved it so much, they insisted we find some more spots. there was one at a nearby alpaca farm, so we headed there, were the kids were way more interested in feeding the alpacas than the geocache (which they found easily), so we ended up staying for quite awhile. the owner of the farm even came out an chatted with us for a bit.

in my world, i’m trying really hard to stay on track in the midst of all the birthday and holiday feasts and treats. sticking to my standard protein yogurts and big salads mostly. and the gym and home workouts as much as i can. walks with ruby when i want to mix things up (and have the time to get to the park).

obviously, we busted out the christmas decor in november. i DID wait for thanksgiving this year, but it wasn’t easy, since i usually consider my birthday as the unofficial kick off of christmas season. i was super excited to bust out the christmas quilt i made last year. we skipped the real tree again this year, and put up the (free, low maintenance, skinny) fake tree. the kids were even quite agreeable this time around. and. despite a rocky bills season so far, josh allen is still heavily represented. we even have his new hallmark ornament.

november is very leafy around these parts. we live in the woods. so many trees. so many leaves. seems obvioius to have campfires and smores to accompany the leaf piles.

this kid is all in for harry potter right now. it’s sort of fun. isaac loved HP but anna never really got into it. she says it’s because that’s not really her genre, but i think it’s mostly because isaac liked it so much and she can’t bring herself to agree with him on any single thing. anyways. this is about hazel. a newly minted extreme harry potter fan….

i don’t know which game followed these next photos but i can all but guarantee it was heartbreaking and disappointing. but look at our hopeful excited faces. (ok. i just went back and looked and it was the broncos, and i can now confirm that it was definitely the worst kind of loss).

some super exciting news happened in early november. my baby bro and his wife welcomed their second son, to the fam. we can’t wait to meet baby bear (barrett), but it won’t be until he’s a wee bit older. 🙂

ok. some bits of random housekeeping. let’s see here. i taught a paper piecing class at the shop. and. isaac is very much into making perler bead things lately. and i made a paper pieced block that i intend to do nothing with. i gave blood. and anna made a pretty epic cookie cake for one of her teacher’s for thanksgiving.

and no post would be complete without some pics of the best and doofiest girl….

wow. november was busy. things will probably slow down in december, right? hahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

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  1. Great recap! You have been busy.

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