thanksgiving in nc this year.

we have not celebrated thanksgiving in north carolina for quite a few years. first, it was because we had the freedom to do whatever when i homeschooled. then there was a sad lonely idiotic covid year. then, the next year, the kids had a super long break from school so we went to ny. and last year, we just took them out because attendance didn’t matter and i had planned to go to the bills game.

anyways. i was in charge of desserts. at first, i was going to make all the pies. but then, i decided that was too much work, so i bought them at costco. of course, then i had the great idea to supplement pies with lots of other homemade desserts. less chemically laden. more delicious. and we had planned desserts with some other friends for later on thanksgiving, so i had to make sure i had enough. ha.

anyways. i made a pumpkin cheesecake. pecan pie cheesecake bars. and orange cranberry poundcake. all were delicious. the pies from costco were dumb.

my sister in law was the host, so after a long morning of (more) baking, roasting the turkey, and making up a few more sides, we loaded up the car with this feast and a trio of lidkids and made our way across town.

of course it was more fun to hang out with the kids and play football than to continue preparing the food, so that’s what i did.

then. it was time to feast. the kids table looks a lot different these days. time flies.

the adult table seems about the same.

i ate too much, as one does. then we sat around and watched football. and then packed it alllll back up and headed for the house. only to then bust out the desserts again and totally gorge ourselves once again.

and then…. ONTO CHRISTMAS!!!

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  1. Your homemade desserts were fantastic!

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