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raise your hand if you think kristin boone is fantastic

kristin boone took pictures of hazel. and. they’re awesome. and one of anna. if you click on any of them, you will go to my flickr account and you can see them all.

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pre family beach trip catch up post.

ok. get ready for one zillion pictures. then, i’m going to try to make sure nothing fun or picture worthy happens in the next two days. because on saturday, we pack up and our little family of five will head … Continue reading

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seven months. (and 11 days).

hazel hit the seven month milestone a week and a half ago. i took some pictures. it’s getting harder. she never stops moving. she’s full all out crawling. and pulling up. and starting to cruise. she loves to get into … Continue reading

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random summer happenings.

other than our beach trip and our ny trip, we haven’t been doing much this summer. it’s way harder to do things with the treacherous trio that i had ever imagined. i think their age difference plays into that. but, … Continue reading

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pools and ice cream and bubbles, mostly.

yep. so here’s what’s been happening in our little world lately… hazel had her first swim in a real pool. she was a fan. i also had anna clinging to me like i crazy person, so it made my experience … Continue reading

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six months.

today we reached an important milestone. the hazel baby is six months old. it’s no secret that i don’t love the little tiny baby stage. after six months, they are so much more fun. and resilient. and mobile. and squishy. … Continue reading

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2014 summer to-do list.

the same as years past, we’ve listed out some things to try to accomplish this summer. so much more exciting and daunting with hazel in the mix. we have a few things that we know we are going to do … Continue reading

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double check ups.

so. i had the bright idea to take anna and hazel for their well child check ups at the same time. anna’s four year. hazel’s six month. they did all the required measurements and such. anna… height: 3′ 4″ tall. … Continue reading

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the other things that have been happening lately.

besides anna turning four, hazel turning five months, the strawberry picking and the butterfly growing, these are some pics of what’s been happening around here… hazel is fast outgrowing the bumbo seat. she can almost turn herself completely around in … Continue reading

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five months.

a few days ago, hazel reached the five month milestone. she’s changed a ton in the last month. firstly, she can sit up unassisted. she’s pretty pleased with this new skill. her night time sleeping has been a TON better. … Continue reading

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