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all the happenings in january. guacamole hazel. cupcake-juicebox hazel. play-doh anna. a new giant box came in the mail. anna moved in. isaac sorted markers for her to decorate with. waffle maker helper hazel. i’m told this is princess elsa. … Continue reading

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isaac’s eighth birthday.
minecraft mania.

last saturday. isaac lidbom turned. eight. eight. EIGHT. how did this happen? anyhooo… we took some obligatory chalkboard pics of the boy as he entered into his ninth year on the planet… first, one by himself. all proud. then, anna … Continue reading

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new year happenings.

i left off with my parents leaving town on new years eve. they woke isaac to say goodbye, per his request. they did NOT wake anna, per her request. and hazel didn’t notice anything different. but after the whirlwind of … Continue reading

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christmas day. twenty fourteen.

finally. christmas day is here. (i actually think i took this pic christmas eve, but whatevs). the tree survived. if you’ll note, there’s no ornaments in the bottom third and the lights and garland are slightly askew. and the presents … Continue reading

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belated christmas season post.

man oh man, am i ever behind on blogging. i was going to make one giant post with all that’s happened since december 15th or so. but after i selected 32 pictures and was only at christmas day, i decided … Continue reading

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december. the first half.

december. so busy. we kicked it off this year with a park playdate on a beautiful day. hazel is currently in full wrecker mode. she prowls around the house, looking for opportunities. her favorite go-to’s is the book shelf. she … Continue reading

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hazel’s birthday party. (parties).

and now. a gratuitous amount of hazel eating cake pictures. first up. her actual birth day. we just had a little family only cupcake party. hazel. not a fan. (truth be told, she was crying because we told her not … Continue reading

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hazel is ONE!

a year ago, at this time, i had just finished up this exciting adventure. now. here we are a year later. and sweet hazel is one. no longer a baby. a toddler. she’s so different from the other two. she … Continue reading

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i sucked at blogging in november. but, aside from the barrage of posts from yesterday, here’s what else has gone down. as per my usual, it’s mostly just instagram pics. hazel. cute. on a quilt. in the “good natural light” … Continue reading

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eleven months.

well. i’m a bit late on this post. a few weeks ago, hazel turned 11 months. our photoshoot was a total failure. she’s too busy to sit for even just one pic. i managed to get this good shot with … Continue reading

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