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the anna baby is SIX!!

well, the anna baby is six now. i suppose we should stop calling her a baby. nah. anyhow, her birthday festivities were much more chill than last year. (hint: princess anna and elsa came). we had hoped to have a … Continue reading

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our last days in a house.

i was going to try to categorize this blog into several different blogs. one for “prepping to move out”, one for “easter eggs”, one for “hazel pottytrains”…. but, i’m just going to glob it all together here, and be all … Continue reading

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december stuff.

i’m trying to pretend that it’s not already mid-january as i post the happenings of december. well, the happenings that aren’t cool hikes, christmas, super sick babies, sewing, abandoning our dog, or buying an rv. so, here’s what our december … Continue reading

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goodbye lucy. :(

so. even though we are megasuperexcited about the upcoming rv adventure, there was one really sad consequence to the decision. we had to give up our beloved canine (and sometimes hated chicken murderer). we went back and forth about what … Continue reading

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every year, we an early christmas at derek’s parent’s house (swedish christmas), where we eat some meatballs and exchange gifts with that side of the fam. then, there’s obviously regular christmas, where we give our kids a crapload of crap. … Continue reading

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adventures in misdiagnosis.

ugh. on the monday before christmas, hazel had a fever. we gave her some ibuprofen. and crossed our fingers that whatever it was would be easy, quick and not contagious. before she went to bed, her fever had come down … Continue reading

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a peppa pig themed 2nd birthday party for the crazelnut.

i can’t even believe it. it went by in a flash. last thursday, hazel turned two. she’s currently obsessed with all things peppa pig, so a peppa pig themed party was in order. first, we attempted some chalkboard birthday pics. … Continue reading

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thanksgiving weekend festivities. transitioning to christmas.

so. obviously, last thursday was thanksgiving. also known as the arbitrary point in time in which christmas grumps give us christmas lovers the go ahead for our public displays of holiday cheer. (before thanksgiving, all holiday cheer much be in … Continue reading

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november miscellany.

here’s my month installment of random happenings. i still have to go back and write a thanksgiving-ish post. and a post about the latest development in our lives. in due time. in due time. for now. a quick run through … Continue reading

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anna’s kindergarten halloween party.

anna’s class had a fun halloween party last friday. i didn’t take many pics, but there were other mom photographers in the class, so i stole a bunch of pics of theannababy from the class website. and i just made … Continue reading

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