ike’s first field trip and a christmas bow tie.

isaac is going on his very first ever field trip with his preschool class today. they are going to ardmore moravian church and having a candle tea party or something. in the instructions, his teacher said to wear “church” or “christmas” attire. so, isaac and i reviewed his closet. of course, he wanted to wear his white button down shirt and black bow tie from when he was a ring bearer in leah and adams wedding this summer. (he attempts to wear the shirt all the time. often with sweatpants).

anyhow, i agreed to let him wear the shirt, if i could make him a new bow tie. i had fabric leftover from the tree skirt and decided this was the most festive and boy friendly pattern. and it matched the only pair of sort of dressy pants that he has that fit him. that kid just keeps growing. sheesh.

so, here’s the bow tie:

and isaac, graciously taking a moment to break from his ipod to let me take a few pics.

posing in the kitchen for some blurry pics:


and, finally, an instagram closeup of the cute face and the crooked bow tie.

hopefully, he’ll let me put him in it again, for some christmas pictures (with a decent camera – versus the iphone), and i made it extra long, so maybe it can make it until next year. ?

oh, and although i did it with the black bow tie, i need to give props to this tutorial.

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