so much september.

aside from a quick little trip to ny with anna and hazel, we laid low for most of september. we kicked off our homeschool year. and continued with co-op. football started. we baked a lot. anna started ballet officially. and there were lots of bugs and ruby snuggles.

firstly. we started homeschool. the room came together in the nick of time. the flooring. the shelves. chairs. desk. chalkboard wall. calendars. it looks like a proper homeschool room. now. it just needs cooperative kids. and on any given day, i have between zero to three of those. on day one, these two were ready to go:

but it was a rough start for this one.

but, eventually we got into the swing of things. there’s still moments. and i’m still trying to work out what homeschool looks like for me (not a believer in traditional schools or academics). so, when it looks like this, i’m happy…

we dragged one of the comfy chairs into the school room, so i could read to hazel in there while the older two do other things. ruby is sure that it is just for her.

our chalkboard is sort of used for school. quick lessons. lists of latin words. keeping track of onomonopaeias that we think of. but more often, it’s used for giant art murals. i’m ok with that.

anna has been doing a bit of ballet over the summer, but several of the age groups and dance styles were combined and we never knew if one kid or twelve kids were going to show up. plus, the dance studio was transitioning to a new location. so it was sort of crazy.

well. in september, the official dance season kicked off in the new place. anna is taking ballet and tap/jazz and absolutely loves it. they are all so cute in their little leotards, but i get in big trouble from anna if i watch too much.

the kids have been LOVING co-op. and now that i am finally able to drop them off and leave the premises without anyone melting down and having a panic attack, i love it even more. but, i’m also not there to take pics or see them at lunch. luckily, hazel’s pal lochlyn’s mom stays around, and sends me cute pics of the girls at lunch. and her teachers send an email update with photos after each class. i have no idea what the other two lidkids do all day. 🙂

and now. for the ultra-miscellany of september.

speaking of bugs and snakes…. here’s an assortment of creatures we’ve spotted around our woodland property.

there was a lot of baking. even isaac got into it. we are still learning the ins and outs of our ancient oven. and trying to figure out the most efficient way to work in this (burnt orange) space. a lot more experiments will be run…

in other news that probably nobody cares about. football season started. and derek found a way for me to stream bills games. i made up a fancy new fleece blanket with fabric i bought in new york (and the world’s worst cashier of a joann fabrics). and football was watched.

and finally. to wrap up september. an onslaught of ruby themed pics. she’s finally 100% potty trained. and is settling in quite nicely as our fourth and final child. she has a lot of personality and is incredibly patient with the other lidkids. we are fans and i’m glad we stuck it out.

ahhhh! i did it. i think this was the worlds longest post. onto october!!

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  1. Love the recap of September!

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