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lidbom family camping adventures. round 2.

last fall, we attempted a family camping trip. (in a sweet circus tent). it was a little tough with a tiny, semi-mobile, terrible sleeping hazel, but we still had a lot of fun, so we decided it was time to … Continue reading

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the epic frozen extravaganza.

so. a little background first. the trip i took to florida with the girls last month was supposed to also have a trip to disney and universal tacked on. as we planned, it just wasn’t looking like the best financial … Continue reading

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sunshiny florida trip. part 2.

on our third day in florida, we laid pretty low. we skipped the beach and instead headed to the pool. i took exactly zero pictures at the pool. because of having to hold so many non-swimmers and such. then, hazel … Continue reading

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sunshiny florida trip. part 1.

ok. i’m skipping around. we actually just got back from this trip, so this isn’t belated. well, technically it is. but, by my dismal standards, it’s super early. some background. in october, my gramma died. (that post is here.) anyhoo. … Continue reading

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the sad trip home.

on the morning of isaac’s birthday, my mom called to tell me that my uncle ray passed away in the night. he’s my mom’s mom’s brother. and we were all very close, growing up. i’ll save his story for another … Continue reading

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the week between christmas and new years.

like last year, my parents drove through the night on christmas and arrived on our doorstep in the wee hours of the morning. actually, they carefully and quietly snuck in and we even know they’d arrived. the big kids woke … Continue reading

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belated christmas season post.

man oh man, am i ever behind on blogging. i was going to make one giant post with all that’s happened since december 15th or so. but after i selected 32 pictures and was only at christmas day, i decided … Continue reading

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hazel’s birthday party. (parties).

and now. a gratuitous amount of hazel eating cake pictures. first up. her actual birth day. we just had a little family only cupcake party. hazel. not a fan. (truth be told, she was crying because we told her not … Continue reading

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mountain getaway.

last weekend, we made a semi-spontaneous trip to the mountains for a little family getaway. we started it out by turning hazel’s seat around. she’s a few days shy of one, but not if you count from her due date. … Continue reading

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i sucked at blogging in november. but, aside from the barrage of posts from yesterday, here’s what else has gone down. as per my usual, it’s mostly just instagram pics. hazel. cute. on a quilt. in the “good natural light” … Continue reading

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