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family beach trip. bear building day.

monday was a little drizzly and overcast, so we headed out to broadway at the beach for a little shopping and dining and walking around. and whining. here’s the walking. some rock candy soothed the whining. we were hoping to … Continue reading

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family beach trip. sunday funday.

our first full day at the beach was also derek’s birthday. and hazel’s eight month birthday. are the months called birthdays? anyhoooo… here’s the big eight month old at the beach… (here’s what’s happening in her world these days: she’s … Continue reading

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random summer happenings.

other than our beach trip and our ny trip, we haven’t been doing much this summer. it’s way harder to do things with the treacherous trio that i had ever imagined. i think their age difference plays into that. but, … Continue reading

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july 4th and our last day in batavia.

so, in batavia, on the fourth of july, there’s an extravaganza in centennial park all afternoon. i haven’t been to it in years upon years, but this year, we decided to give it a go. i totally should have taken … Continue reading

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batavia friends and family day.

i’ve lost track of the days. the day i’m about to blog about is a day that we just hung around batavia mostly. for lunch, we picked up subs from south side deli and then snatched my gramps up from … Continue reading

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hazel’s first trip to batavia. part one.

i’m only now just recovering from our trip to ny. we got home nine days ago. it was super busy. and i barely slept. and never slept well. and the travels were misery. but, we had lots of fun and … Continue reading

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asheville anniversary. with kids.

this past saturday was our 11th anniversary. so, obviously, we packed the kids up for a hike and an overnight trip in asheville. derek had found a short little kid friendly hike online. not much elevation change. cool rocks to … Continue reading

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last week. on thursday. this kid turned four. it seems very impossible. she’s quite a little character. very independent. and stubborn. she is a super little artist. and loves to read. and pretend. and play with princess dolls. and baby … Continue reading

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easter. spring. friends. lemonade.

well. i thought maybe i would split this post into a few smaller topical posts. but, my time at the computer is pretty limited these days. so another lump 32 picture update post will have to do. for now. i … Continue reading

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super fast update.

i’m going to race to caption these photos and then get to bed. homeschooling… another post with details to come soon. soonish. hazel’s starting to get grabby. we made cookies. and ate a LOT of cookie dough. perfect cookies. thanks … Continue reading

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