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batavia. random. to date.

we have been in batavia for about a week and a half. it’s mostly been very chill. we will stay through the weekend and then on memorial day, we will pack up and head over to letchworth state park for … Continue reading

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family easter mountain trip

during our time “home”, we took a trip up to the boone/blowing rock/banner elk mountain region over easter with derek’s parents. our first stop, as usual, was the mast general store… on the way home, we decided to have some … Continue reading

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last days in tampa bay.

when i last left you, we were waiting for my dad and cousin to arrive for dinner. well, they came. we cooked. kids played. everyone ate. a good time was had. the kiddos started out with peppa pig, but then … Continue reading

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weekend layover in saint pete.

after our big day at legoland, we spent saturday morning packing up and cleaning and getting ready to head down the road to st. pete for the weekend. this leg of our trip was the only part that wasn’t mapped … Continue reading

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a winter time finish

before there was any talk of epic road trips, i had made plans with derek’s mom to make her a winter quilt after i successfully completed holiday sewing. she ordered a bunch of fabric and found a quilt they both … Continue reading

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every year, we an early christmas at derek’s parent’s house (swedish christmas), where we eat some meatballs and exchange gifts with that side of the fam. then, there’s obviously regular christmas, where we give our kids a crapload of crap. … Continue reading

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thanksgiving weekend festivities. transitioning to christmas.

so. obviously, last thursday was thanksgiving. also known as the arbitrary point in time in which christmas grumps give us christmas lovers the go ahead for our public displays of holiday cheer. (before thanksgiving, all holiday cheer much be in … Continue reading

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autumn in batavia. part 2.

when we returned from “the most sincere pumpkin patch” — we wandered over to the beach, where the lake folk were having a clam bake.  the kiddos played in the sand, while we ate some sea creatures. later, there was … Continue reading

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a fall visit to the homeland. part 1.

i graduated high school in 1994. so, last year, we attempted a 20 year reunion. it fell through. and was rescheduled for this year. a 21st reunion. scheduled for last weekend. so, we loaded up the lid kids and back … Continue reading

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family beach trip 2015. the last day.

the last day.  we started out at the beach. derek took isaac out in the deeper waters for a long time, so i wandered about with the girls.  collecting bits of shells. and writing in the sand. and snapping as … Continue reading

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