the garden. 2014 edition.

rewind to last summer. all my plants were dying and spindly and sad. i swore i’d never have another garden. or at least this year i wouldn’t. after all, i’d have another kid. and my gardens have been pretty unsuccessful since having any kids. but then. spring came. and we are homeschooling. and the cover […]

garden mania.

we were a little late getting our garden rolling this year, but this weekend, we set out to get all of this planted: anna was armed with her new gardening set that she got for her birthday from my parents and jake. the gloves were a little big, but that didn’t slow down her helpful […]


here’s my feeble attempt to make up for a lack of updates lately… we celebrated paw paw’s (derek’s grampa’s) 93rd birthday this weekend… kids love cupcakes. since it’s 200 degrees everyday, we’ve had to hit the park early early early in the morning. and isaac can get his fill of jumping off elevated surfaces. the […]