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  • super fast update.

    i’m going to race to caption these photos and then get to bed. homeschooling… another post with details to come soon. soonish. hazel’s starting to get grabby. we made cookies. and ate a LOT of cookie dough. perfect cookies. thanks to the cookie scoop. anna got a substantial haircut. the tangled mess was becoming ridiculous. […]

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  • calvin cougar club cupcakes

    Last Wednesday, I was the “guest speaker” at Ike’s school for their calvin cougar club (on Wednesday, they stay an hour longer and have guest speakers, demos, etcetera). I talked about making and decorating cupcakes. I also provided cupcakes, frosting and sprinkles for them to decorate their own cupcake. And eat it. 54 preschoolers. 🙂 […]