i sucked at blogging in november. but, aside from the barrage of posts from yesterday, here’s what else has gone down. as per my usual, it’s mostly just instagram pics. hazel. cute. on a quilt. in the “good natural light” corner. lots of campfires in the chilly-ish nights. marshmallow roaster, extraordinaire. kitchen table quilt fortress […]


last week. on thursday. this kid turned four. it seems very impossible. she’s quite a little character. very independent. and stubborn. she is a super little artist. and loves to read. and pretend. and play with princess dolls. and baby dolls. and hoard piles of random toys into the hidden corners of the house. we […]


on friday, isaac t. lidbom turned seven. SEVEN. i can’t even believe it. seems like just yesterday that we were bringing home that screaming little bundle of feisty joy and starting our lives as parents. he has, for sure, kept us on our toes. he’s packed to the rafters with endless energy. and is completely […]