• the rambling road show
  • double digits.

    isaac is ten. it happened last week. we were in alabama. and he turned ten. we kicked off his big day with funfetti pancakes and bacon. for lunch, he chose chick fil a. obviously. then we dashed home and scrambled to wrap presents. hazel insisted on labeling her own. 🙂 then it was cake time. […]

  • lid kid everyday life
  • our last days in a house.

    i was going to try to categorize this blog into several different blogs. one for “prepping to move out”, one for “easter eggs”, one for “hazel pottytrains”…. but, i’m just going to glob it all together here, and be all caught up, and move on with my life… here goes… on the night we arrived […]

  • lid kid everyday life
  • ten months.

    yesterday, hazel reached the ripe old age of ten months. i attempted photoshoots in various locations, but she is a kid on the go, so we struggled. she’s picked up a lot of tricks in the last month. she just started responding to the age old question, “how big is hazel??” (answer: “sooooo big” with […]