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july 4th and our last day in batavia.

so, in batavia, on the fourth of july, there’s an extravaganza in centennial park all afternoon. i haven’t been to it in years upon years, but this year, we decided to give it a go. i totally should have taken … Continue reading

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taughannock falls.

i have a friend named mary. she was my camp counselor at ymca camp arthur g. hough. (aka: the most magical place in the universe). she was also a friend of my uncle, who isn’t all that much older than … Continue reading

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hazel’s first trip to batavia. part one.

i’m only now just recovering from our trip to ny. we got home nine days ago. it was super busy. and i barely slept. and never slept well. and the travels were misery. but, we had lots of fun and … Continue reading

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the other things that have been happening lately.

besides anna turning four, hazel turning five months, the strawberry picking and the butterfly growing, these are some pics of what’s been happening around here… hazel is fast outgrowing the bumbo seat. she can almost turn herself completely around in … Continue reading

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strawberry (and flower) picking.

during my mom and terry’s visit, we went strawberry picking. and by “we”, i mean, me, my mom, hazel and anna. the girls. anna started off strong. but, she was very selective. if my mom picked one that looked a … Continue reading

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last week. on thursday. this kid turned four. it seems very impossible. she’s quite a little character. very independent. and stubborn. she is a super little artist. and loves to read. and pretend. and play with princess dolls. and baby … Continue reading

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the last two weeks and five days…

warning. i think there’s 33 total pictures to document. starting off with this knucklehead. valentine addressing. (side note: based on the loot isaac brought home, he was the only kid that didn’t give out a pile of candy. just tattoos.) … Continue reading

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new york grands come to town.

at 2am, on the day after christmas, my mom, stepdad and brother rolled into town. my mom quickly scooped up hazel and crashed on the couch. and the whirlwind crazy week began… (and i took way too few pictures. thankfully, … Continue reading

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summer in batavia. part 2.

despite a very rain-filled forecast, the fourth of july was sunny and great and my parents threw a big party full of lake people and relatives. it was a lot of people to squeeze on even their massive deck. (this … Continue reading

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summer in batavia. part 1.

we just returned from our annual summer trip to batavia. just me and the kids this time. the trip up was pretty uneventful. except for isaac having to go to the bathroom every hour. we were glad to roll into … Continue reading

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