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belated easter post.

yep. i’m about to play another round of bloggy catch up. first up. easter. the eggs dying. and the egg hunt. the egg dying went as you might suspect. same as every family. for the last 100 years, i suppose. … Continue reading

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easter. spring. friends. lemonade.

well. i thought maybe i would split this post into a few smaller topical posts. but, my time at the computer is pretty limited these days. so another lump 32 picture update post will have to do. for now. i … Continue reading

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the annual coloring of the eggs.

we colored our eggs exceptionally early this year, since i figured they would enjoy eating the rainbow-y eggs leading up to easter instead of me making them all into deviled eggs on easter morning. so, last weekend, we assembled the … Continue reading

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batavia easter fun.

beware. long post. isaac and john’s spring breaks overlapped a bit, right around easter weekend. so, we decided to load up and head to new york for easter in blah-tavia. we had hoped to make the drive up in one … Continue reading

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easter stuff.

this post is going to have a zillion pictures. and very few words.

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egg hunt, a day late

since i didn’t get to see isaac do his egg hunt at his grandparent’s on sunday, i held a private egg hunt for him on monday afternoon. i don’t know if it’s as exciting without the thrill of competition, but … Continue reading

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delicious delicious birds nests

for some reason, i decided it would be a really great idea to make coconut/white chocolate bird’s nests with isaac for our little easter party. he did a great job helping…. i’m too lazy to narrate…

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the coloring of easter eggs

it’s almost easter. so, isaac and i decided to color some eggs. luckily, i had boiled some up, in anticipation of this very moment. (we often boil up large batches of eggs for high protein snacks, so it could have … Continue reading

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egg hunting, round 2.

firstly, happy easter to all…. we started off the day by heading out to salem chapel for some super sweet easter services. then, we went to derek’s parents for easter lunch and a little egg hunting. we forgot our camera, … Continue reading

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cousins and easter eggs

isaac went to his gramma’s yesterday to dye easter eggs with his cousins…

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