ten months.

yesterday, hazel reached the ripe old age of ten months. i attempted photoshoots in various locations, but she is a kid on the go, so we struggled. she’s picked up a lot of tricks in the last month. she just started responding to the age old question, “how big is hazel??” (answer: “sooooo big” with […]

double check ups.

so. i had the bright idea to take anna and hazel for their well child check ups at the same time. anna’s four year. hazel’s six month. they did all the required measurements and such. anna… height: 3′ 4″ tall. 50th percentile. weight: 31 lbs. 14th percentile. she’s a heavyweight. and hazel… height: 26.25″. 58th […]

five months.

a few days ago, hazel reached the five month milestone. she’s changed a ton in the last month. firstly, she can sit up unassisted. she’s pretty pleased with this new skill. her night time sleeping has been a TON better. she goes down pretty easily between 8 and 9 and stays asleep until about 630 […]