double digits.

isaac is ten.
it happened last week.
we were in alabama.
and he turned ten.

we kicked off his big day with funfetti pancakes and bacon.

for lunch, he chose chick fil a. obviously.

then we dashed home and scrambled to wrap presents. hazel insisted on labeling her own. 🙂

then it was cake time. isaac chose this super chocolate fudge ganache cake from publix. and we picked up some sparkler candles and sweet sunglasses from party city. (the candles were not a hit when one spark landed on hazel’s lap during the blowing out portion of the festivities).

and then. presents. my mom won the day with a set of minecraft handbooks. the updated versions. the original versions, while in tatters, have been handed down to anna.

anna gave him a stuffed mooshroom cow. also minecraft.

another hit. this time from us. some minecraft legos.

here’s the minecraft enthusiast, with all of his bounty.

and that’s the tale of the boy completing his first decade. i can’t believe it was a quarter of my life ago that he came shooting onto the scene. here’s some past, isaac-themed blog posts, if you’re interested in a trip down memory lane…

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preschool pics.
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