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a rocky start.

upon returning from our super fun aquarium adventure, Anna starting complaining about some stomach pain. we got her all snuggled up on the couch and sort of assumed it was just travel and sedentary life induced constipation.    she is … Continue reading

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first official post from the road.

we embarked yesterday. our original plan was to leave tomorrow, but a massive winter storm was in the forecast, so we pushed the date up, and the stress level up, and left two days ahead of schedule. the kids settled … Continue reading

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man. i really really am doing a terrible job at blogging. not that i think anyone is actually reading this. so, mostly i’m talking to future me and the kids. i had every intention of getting a september blog up … Continue reading

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a boring august recap.

the second half of summer flew past in a flash. i hit up some consignment sales for clothes for the annababy, who can still squeeze into 4t clothes, but they are quite short.  i took her with me, and wound up … Continue reading

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july twenty fifteen.

we were gone for a lot of july, so there’s not a lot to post about. but, i will manage. during our week at home between the beach and new york, derek was training for a new job at wells … Continue reading

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homeland pilgrimage. part 3. the july fourth edition.

we had a lazy day with eliot and my mom off on friday. i think. because there’s no pictures except for a handful from the beach. like this. and this. and some kayaking. and that’s pretty much it for friday. … Continue reading

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bethabara park adventures.

the weather on memorial day weekend was fantastic, so on saturday, i dragged derek and the kids to historic bethabara park for some exploring and climbing and frolicking. and a quick wendy’s picnic. i’m not even going to caption these … Continue reading

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anna’s preschool farewell picnic

last friday, anna’s preschool class had their end of year class picnic. she still has one more day (today), but this was the last partay. it was a beautiful day for the park… of course hazel was along for the … Continue reading

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the april post.

ugh. i started this post on may 1. but it’s been a bit crazy around here with projects and school parties and anna’s birthday!!! (that post to come. soon. maybe.) anyhow. rewind about 40 days and that’s where this post … Continue reading

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belated (mostly instagrams) march post.

beware: this post contains 45 pictures from the lid kid month of march. we kicked off march with derek and isaac heading out of town to a wedding, so i just had the girls. which meant anna watched a lot … Continue reading

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